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What is my Client ID?

Your Client ID is an individual ID given to you by us. If you have not received this code please contact us via email


What is my password?

This is the same as your Client ID if you do not have this please email us


My gallery ID or password is not working

First be sure to check for capital letters as a password will not work without using the proper spacing and caputlizations 


I see a watermark on my images will this appear on my prints?

No, watermarks will not appear on your images once it is printed


What if my images is cropping off important parts of the image in print

This is a common issue even we as photographers run into. If you are finding an image is cutting off key details in the store while looking at your print it is highly encouraged that you pick another print size.


What is a digital images mean?

A digital print is giving you the ability to print whatever size of image you'd like and use online. In some cases people prefer to do their own printing of the image instead of purchasing prints form us. 


What if I have a print credit or money in my account at DMP that I have never used?

This can only be resolved by contacting us directly but please wait to order a print till contacting us


How do I order a print? 

When you open an individual item in your gallery you will see on the right side theres the option to “purchase from shop” when you click here you will be redirected to our store that’ll help you visualize and pick your products and prints.


How long will my order take?

Most all prints will arrive at your home in under 2 weeks if you have been waiting for a print for two weeks and still do not have the print please check you did complete your order then feel free to email us so we can help resolve the issue


How long will my images be available?

We don’t plan to remove your images from our website for at least 2 years from the date uploaded


Can anyone purchase a sports image?

Yes, do you see an image Darcy took at a game or event that you’d love? They are available to the public for purchase.


Can I book a shot at this time?

At this current time DMP is not taking new clients. 


Are print packages available on the website? 

Not at this time


Can I order books on this sight?

No accordion books and regular books must be designed by DMP if your interested in a book please email us to order. Books start at $400


How do I receive my session print credit?

As of March 2018 print credits can no longer be applied to print orders